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A team of experts led by Dr Andrzej M Kotas can offer you a concept check, a written feasibility study report or a due diligence appraisal of your investment project. The MCI report typically considers:

  • The strategic context
  • Market issues
  • Technical matters
  • A financial evaluation

and is usually a 50-60 page written report delivered some 6-8 weeks after commencement of the consultancy work. The consulting team usually involves a group of three or four consulting professionals [often visiting a steel plant in Europe, the Middle East or Africa]. If necessary, presentations of the key findings may be made by MCI to financing parties such as banks, private investors, investment funds etc.

consulting report
Consultants' report

Before the start of any work, we will provide you with a written proposal. This will describe the objective of the work, as well as the methodology and the proposed timing. The consulting proposal will also outline the names of specialist experts who will be involved, the cost of the work and the format of the project deliverable(s). If a site visit is required, MCI will agree visit dates and prepare a list of questions in advance for discussion with management. Meetings with customers or with a trade association may also be required as part of the MCI appraisal.

If the steps above sound like they might be of interest, why not call us for a free no-obligation discussion? Please dial +44 775 149 0885.

You may also email our steel consultants at if you prefer.

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