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Steel Feasibility Study Service

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Independent steel sector project feasibility assessments

Through its parent company Metals Consulting International, is pleased to offer iron and steel industry clients worldwide a fixed-price project feasibility study service.

As part of this service, our experts initially discuss your modernisation or investment plans with you, and then send you a steel feasibility study proposal.

With your agreement, a team of metal sector experts (covering strategy, market, technical and financial issues) then visits your office or steel plant for further discussions and viability assessments. Some 4-5 weeks after the initial discussions, our Consultants then provide you with a full 30-40 page written English-language feasibility report.

Click here to download our price list or for further information about our approach to feasibility studies check out the infographic below. To review our main terms and conditions for this service, please see foot of page. Alternatively, to contact us for an introductory discussion about your investment plans, call us on +44(0)775-149-0885 or e-mail us.

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Did you know that we can also help with individual aspects of your feasibility appraisal? For example, with an assessment of current and future steel demand in your selected territory. We often also undertake appraisals of present and expected competitor capacity and / or help with production cost modelling. Visit our online store to check out the steel planning support services we offer.

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Main Terms and Conditions

The fixed price offer covers professional fees and expenses for consultancy involvement of three metal sector Consultants for the duration of the assignment across a maximum elapsed time of six weeks. The fixed fees cover Consultant preparation time, travelling time, site visit, feasibility study report write-up time and all direct expenses (including international travel and subsistence). Fees specifically exclude client or 3rd party meetings taking place after submission of the feasibility report (e.g. with potential financiers). Such assistance if required is chargeable at an additional professional fee (calculated on a man day basis) and must be agreed with MCI in advance.

Fees are due prior to project commencement, and must be transferred to the Consultants' account prior to Consultant engagement.

The 4-5 week elapsed project time and the 30-40 page report length mentioned above are indicative only; final project duration and report length may be more or less than this and will be confirmed at project outset. Finalised feasibility reports will be delivered to the client in electronic form. Where necessary and at the Client's request, MCI and/or the Consultants can sign a standard letter of confidentiality prior to project commencement.

This service is provided at the discretion of MCI's management, who reserve the right to withdraw the feasibility appraisal service at any time because of potential conflicts of interest or for other professional or economic reasons.

A full schedule of MCI's general terms and conditions of engagement is issued with all proposals.


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