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Steelmaking Cost Models - Year 2023

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Conversion costs by Process Step

We can offer site visitors the following ready-made cost models.

Note that some steel cost models (e.g. for liquid steel) are available for free. Finished product cost models require a subscription. Our subscriptions start at $50 per quarter. For further information, see our subscription options page.

Generic Steel Cost Model

Our cost models are 'generic'. i.e. for a notional rather than specific steel plant. Models indicate how steel costs can be estimated through a simple cost benchmarking type approach. The predicted total cost shown is not meant to represent an actual cost for any real steel company. It is a estimated figure only. Users of the cost models are invited to adjust inputs such as raw material costs, energy costs, labour costs etc to suit their own particular conditions.

Custom-Built Cost Models

We can supply custom-built cost models for linked processes (e.g. EAF steelmaking with ladle furnace, continuous casting, and hot rolling of rebar) and / or for any defined set of processes anywhere in the world and at various levels of detail. Please contact us for further information. We can usually provide a no-obligation quotation to supply a cost model to the requisite specifications within ~24 hours.

Cost Curves

Similarly, this 'cost benchmarking' approach can be adapted to provide regional or world cost curves for any steel process (or specified finished steel product). Contact us for further details.

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