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Name: Metals Industry Development Institute

Name: Metals Industry Development Institute, MIDI
Category: Steel Trade Association
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Expertise: Metals Industry Development Institute.
Keywords: MIDI Ethiopia.
Telephone number: +251 116 193 006
Fax number: +251 116 293 474

Other information: MIDI has been known in different times with different names; such as:- Engineering Design and Tool Enterprise, Basic Metals and Engineering Industry Agency and Metal Products Development Center. However since 7,June,2010 by proclamation No.182/2010 it is known as the Metals Industry Development Institute, MIDI.

MIDI's main duties and responsibilities today include (i) policy formulation, to assist the development of the Ethiopian metals and engineering industries (ii) collection, analysis and organisation of metal sector data (iii) the dissemination of project information to help expand investment (iv) the preparation of feasibility studies for investors desiring to engage in the sector (v) project implementation and problem-solving (vi) investor support with respect to technology selection, negotiation, erection and project commissioning (vii) provision of practical training [technology, technical matters, marketing and manufacturing issues] (viii) sector resewach (ix) provision of consultancy services (production matters, production planning and quality control) (x) cooperate with government and private institutions, as necessary (xi) carry out benchmarking studies that facilitate understanding of competitiveness issues (xii) provide metal product testing services (xiii) support local universities with their development agendas; and more.

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