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Company name: South Kaveh Steel Co (SKS)

Company name: South Kaveh Steel (SKS)
Category: Direct Reduced Iron
Business location: Tehran, Iran [HQ]

Expertise: DRI
Keywords: Direect reduction plant.
Telephone number: 0098 21 8893 1452
Fax: 0098 21 8891 6544
Email address:

Other information: South Kaveh Steel (SKS) is headquartered in Tehran, Iran. The firm was established in 2007.

The factory - South Kish Kaveh Steel Complex - is located in a 170,000 square meter plot of land located in the Persian Gulf Mining & Metal Industrial Special Economic Zone, in Bandar Abbas. It comprises an iron ore pellet plant, a DRI plant (two furnaces), a melt shop and billet caster.

Main products sold by SKS include blast furnace pellets (typical iron content 65.5% minimum), direct reduced iron (DRI), and carbon steel billets (130mm to 200mm square).

South Kaveh Steel's expansion plans comprise two phases of business development. These are:

  • Phase I: expansion of pellet plant capacity to 5 mt / year, with expansion of billet-making production capacity from 1.2mt / annum to 2.4 mt / year.
  • Phase II: investment in a new 2.4 million tonne / year rolling mill.
Recent News
  • 2020: Project for expansion of pellet plant capacity to 5 million tonne / year under evaluation.
  • 2016: Start-up of steelmaking operations with 1.2 million tonnes capacity / year.
  • 2012: 1.85 million tonne Midrex DRI plant is successfully commissioned.
  • 2007: Construction of two gas-based direct reduced iron plants each of ~0.9 mt/year capacity begins.

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