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Company name: Steel Plantech

Company name: JP Steel Plantech Co
Category: Steelmaking plant and equipment
Business location: Yokohama, Japan

Expertise: Ironmaking, BOF, EAF, casting, rolling, surface processing.
Keywords: Planning, design, procurement, project management.
Telephone: +81-45-471-3911
Fax: +81-45-471-4002

Other information: Steel Plantech's ironmaking equipment includes coke quenching, sinter plants, pulverised coal injection (PCI), blast furnace gas cleaning systems and lime kilns.

Steel Plantech offers converter furnaces and BOF steelmaking facilities including converters, hot metal desulfurization equipment, RH degassers, OG systems.

Electric furnaces are one of Steel Plantech's core products (inherited from JFE Engineering, formerly NKK).

Steel Plantech also supplies continuous casting facilities. Main products include continuous slab casters; continuous bloom, beam blank and billet casters, and QSP - the quality strip production process.

The firm has a track record of supplying high-quality, high-precision bar rolling mills of any range, including section rolling mills, bar and wire rod mills, shifting reverse mills and roller straighteners.

Based on the Company's advanced technological strength, Steel Plantech also supply plate levelers, cold rolling mills and plate shears.

With respect to steel processing plant, the firm also supplies continuous annealing lines, continuous galvanizing lines, annealing and coating lines, color coating lines, temper / skin pass mills and tension levelers.

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