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Short-term steel market trends report$400See report contents
Steel price & steelmaking raw material cost report$400See more info
Capital Investment Costs for Plant and Equipment in Iron and Steelmaking$2500See capex record details
Country Report - The Steel Market in a Single Country1$250See market report example
All the items above are supplied as written English-language reports in pdf format.
1Please email to advise which country you have selected or call +44 775 149 0885.

World Crude Steel Capacity Report$500See further details
World Capacity Report - Flat and Coated Steel Products$500See report details
World Capacity Report - Long Steel Products$500See capacity report info
World Capacity Report - Any single steel product$250Select one from list below2
All analyses above are supplied in spreadsheet format.
2Choose one of: iron ore, coke, DRI, pig iron, EAF, BOF, slab, billet and bloom, plate, HRC, CRC, galvanised sheet, organic coated, sections & rail, bar, rod, seamless or welded tube.

Cost Model - Induction Furnace Steelmaking$200See cost model format
Cost Model - Continuous Casting$200See example format
EAF and BOF steelmaking and certain other rolling mill cost models are provided free of charge. See EAF cost model and BOF cost model. Purchased cost models are supplied in spreadsheet format.

Capital Investment Cost Records$20 per recordSee capex record example
Key Performance Indicators by Process Step$175 per stepSee KPI data format
Transport Cost Estimates$60 eachSee freight cost example
Automotive Steel Weight Analysis$175See weight analysis format
Other Specialist Reports$927Sheet Steel Fabricator Database

: Note that VAT is chargeable for purchases from the UK and for EU purchases where a VAT number is not supplied. In case of payment difficulties or to get in touch with us for any other reason, see our contact page for further details.

(1) Short-term steel market trends report includes a steel demand volume, steel price and steel cost outlook. The $400 purchase is for 12 monthly reports sent by email.
(2) Steel price and steelmaking raw material cost forecasts include price and cost forecasts to the year 2030. The $400 purchase is for 12 monthly reports [including spreadsheet data] sent by email.
(3) 'Capital Investment Costs for Plant and Equipment in Iron and Steelmaking' identifies current capital investment costs for iron and steelmaking plant, and outlines the per tonne investment costs and typical capacities for each main process step in iron and steelmaking.
(4) Single country steel market report is typically a 5-10 page written report which discusses the principal demand characteristics of a selected market, including consumption levels by main product type, import volumes, import sources and key trends.
(5) 'World Crude Steel Capacity Report' published by James King. Spreadsheet analysis only, covering crude steel production by country (electric arc furnace, basic oxygen route and other processes), crude steel capacity by country, steelmaking capacity by plant and future changes in crude steel capacity (committed and possible).
(6) 'World Flat and Coated Product Capacity Report' is a spreadsheet analysis which includes sections on hot rolled steel production (plate, hot and cold rolled coil, galvanised steel), flat and coated product capacity by country, flat and coated capacity by plant (North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania) and expected changes in steel rolling capacity (committed and possible).
(7) 'World Long Product Capacity Report' is a spreadsheet report which includes sections on rail, heavy sections, bar, rod and tube (seamless and welded) production, long product capacity by country, capacity by plant (North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania) and expected changes in future steel rolling capacity (committed and possible).
(8) Cost models describe typical conversion costs for a single process step (e.g. steelmaking or bar rolling) for a generic steel plant. These models are especially useful for cost benchmarking type work, but need adaptation for local labour and energy costs and other plant-specific matters (e.g. depreciation policy).
(9) Induction furnace steelmaking is significantly different from EAF steelmaking, both in terms of operating and capital investment costs.
(10) Continuous casting cost model describes conversion costs from liquid steel to billet or slab. Conversion costs for both billet and slab are assumed to be identical.
(11) Hot strip mill cost model describes generic conversion costs from steel slab to hot rolled coil.
(12) Cost model for rebar describes conversion costs from hot billet to bar. If required, we can advise separately [for no extra cost] about typical billet reheat costs.
(13) We maintain a database of ~850 capital investment cost records for various items of steelmaking plant and equipment. For items included in the capex cost database, see plant list.
(14) KPIs describe selected operating characteristics and are available for the following process steps. Blast furnace, coke, sinter, BOF, EAF, induction furnace, billet casting, bloom casting, slab casting, heavy sections and rail, light sections and bar, continuous hot strip mills, tandem cold rolling and coating. Contact us for further information.
(15) Auto weight analysis includes breakdown of steel use by weight and form in a typical passenger vehicle.



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