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Company name: Algoa Steel Roofing

Company name: Algoa Steel Roofing
Category: Roof Sheet Products
Business location: Greenbushes, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Expertise: Roof sheeting, corrugated sheet, zinc coated sheet, ZincAl, galvanised
Keywords: Metal, coils, fasteners, flashings, channels, pre-galvanised fencing
Telephone number: +27 (0)41 372 1098 or 372 1109
Fax: +27 (0)41 372 1149 or 086 523 9027
Email address:

Other information: Algoa Steel manufacture roof sheeting and supplies all products needed for roof, carport or similar building needs. Algoa Steel is committed to service delivery and cost in supplying the building and construction industry with steel and roofing supplies.

The Algoa Steel range of products includes IBR corrugated sheet steel in various thicknesses and colours; and fasteners and flashings for roofs and buildings.

Algoa Steel also undertakes bullnosing, curving and cranking of steel sheets to customer specifications. The company also supplies all material needs for construction of carports and steel structures. Main products sold by the firm include Algoa flexi-dams [reservoirs], coils, flashings, lipped channels, long steel (angles, flats, rectangular tubes), polycarbonate roofsheeting, pre-galvanised palisade fencing, roof fasteners (galvanised screws and washers); and zinc, aluminium-zinc coated or color coated roofing sheet.

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