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Company name: Edyce Corporation

Company name: Edyce Corporation
Category: Steel structures, buildings and fabrications
Business location: Santiago, Chile

Expertise: Steels structures, mining projects, bridges, buildings, assemblies.
Keywords: Industrial, commercial and urban steel constructions.
Telephone number: +56 223 618 000
Website: http://www.edyce.com
Email address: edyce@edyce.com

Other information: Edyce Corporation is a manufacturer and international trader company of complete solutions for steel construction projects.

The firm's headquarters are located in Santiago, Chile. Their productive plants and engineering offices are located in Chile and Peru. Edyce Corp also have factories in Asia and North America under permanent commercial alliances.

Structural steel solutions are developed in the firm's world class Engineering Department, from where projects are optimized in relation to the client needs and requirements.

Main business lines include steel structures (such as mill buildings, ore crushing buildings, boiler buildings, process buildings, turbine buildings, conveyor structures), buildings (e.g. urban high rise buildings, commercial centers, parking buildings, industrial buildings, distribution centers, sheds, storehouses, stadiums, airports, hospitals, subway stations, supermarkets), fabricated products such as process tanks and vessels, hoppers, piping, etc for sectors such as the mining, pulp, refinery, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

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