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Company name: Societe Nouvelle de Coupe Industrielle

Company name: Societe Nouvelle de Coupe Industrielle, SNCI
Category: Sheet steel fabrication
Business location: Tunis, Tunisia

Expertise: Fabrication of steel products.
Keywords: Sandwich panels, welded pipe, round tube, hollow sections, guard rails, barriers.
Telephone number: +216 74 289 883
Fax number: +216 74 289 704
Email address:

Other information: The SNCI Company was founded in 1990, and is a subsidiary of the SNCI-Intermetal Prosig Group.

The firm specialises in steel sheet fabrication including cutting and slitting; the manufacturing of guard rails; production of steel pipe, sandwich panels and composite slabs forming corrugated, rib sheet metal and door slats.

Production equipment includes a sandwich panel line, seven cutting machines, five slitting lines, three profiling lines for door slats, profiling lines for roof profiles, profiling lines for C and Z purlins, profiling lines for guard rails, bending machines, welded tube lines.

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