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Company Name: Technofab Steel Manufacturing L.L.C

Company name: Technofab Steel Manufacturing L.L.C
Category: Metal Fabrication
Location: Al Awir, UAE

Expertise: Metal Fabrication, Fabrication, Tooling .
Keywords: Steel fabrication, erection, manufacture of dies and moulds
Telephone number: +97 1 04 - 3336713
Fax: +97 104 – 3336714

Other information: Technofab Steel Manufacturing LLC is an ISO 9001:2000 company offering end-to-end fabrication, tooling and engineering solutions’. The company specializes in metal fabrication, industrial tool design and die-making.

Main products sold by the firm include pressure vessels, metal storage tanks, handrails, garbage buckets, ducts, chutes, bins and hoppers, sewerage pipes and water pipes and steel housings.

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