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Company name: Sakura Ferroalloys

Company name: Sakura Ferroalloys.
Category: Ferroalloy supplier.
Business location: Sarawak, Malaysia

Expertise: High Carbon Ferro-Manganese and Silico-Manganese.
Keywords: Ferroalloys, Sakura, Bintulu, Sarawak, manganese, ore.
Website: http://sakuraferroalloys.com.my
Email address: info@sakura.com.my
Telephone: +6086 298 800
Fax: +6086 298 801

Other information: Sakura Ferroalloys SDN BHD is a joint venture between mining house Assmang Limited (South Africa), trading giant Sumitomo Corporation (Japan) and manufacturer China Steel Corporation (Taiwan).

Set on 100 hectares of reclaimed palm oil land, Sakura operates two modern, energy-efficient 'dual product' submerged electrical arc furnaces (SAF) in the Samalaju Industrial Park.

The plant manufactures high carbon ferro-manganese (HCFeMn) and silicon manganese-(SiMn). One furnace produces approximately 107,000 tons of HCFeMn per annum while the other produces approximately 67,000 tons of SiMn per annum. Each furnace is designed to switch to either HCFeMn or SiMn giving the plant flexibility to fully produce HCFeMn or fully SiMn from both furnaces should market conditions dictate a switch in commodity.

Ferromanganese and ferro-alloys are essential ingredients in the production of various types of carbon, alloy steel and alloy iron. They are also used widely for the de-oxidation, de-sulphurization and refining of steel. Smaller quantities of ferro-alloys are used as reductant in order to produce other metals. A significant quantity of ferro-alloys is also consumed by the foundries and electrode industries.

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