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Company name: ISSB

Company name: ISSB
Category: Information Services
Business location: Croydon, UK

Expertise: Steel industry trade data.
Keywords: Import export trade statistics.
Telephone number: +44 207 343 3917
Email address:

Other information: The International Steel Statistics Bureau (or ISSB) offers a wide range of publications and custom reports covering UK, European and global trade in steel and raw materials.

The company also maintains a comprehensive database of international trade in steel and steelmaking products. This is based on trade data at 6-digit HS tariff code level (and to 8-digit CN tariff code level for EU countries). ISSB can thus analyse international movements of steel and steelmaking raw materials using any combination of tariffs and any combination of countries.

ISSB is also able to provide speakers to present analyses of the latest statistical trends for national and international conferences and events.

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