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Company name: MEPS

Company name: MEPS International Ltd
Category: Information Services
Business location: Sheffield, UK

Expertise: Steel industry pricing data.
Keywords: Steel prices, steel forecasts.
Telephone number: +44 (0) 114 275 0570
Email address:

Other information: MEPS (International) Ltd is a leading independent supplier of steel market information, especially steel prices and steel price forecasts.

MEPS International Ltd is a leading steel price analysis company operating in the steel sector worldwide.

The name MEPS is an acronym of the original company name 'Management Engineering & Production Services'. This business was founded in 1979 by the then Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Peter Fish.

The firm was originally started as a consultancy company, but moved into publishing in 1984. Today, its publications include the European Steel Review, the International Steel Review, Stainless Steel Review and World Steel Outlook.

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