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Company name: LKAB

Company name: LKAB
Category: Supply of iron ore
Business location: Lulea, Sweden

Expertise: Mining and processing of iron ore for the steel industry
Keywords: Iron ore pellets
Telephone number: +46 771-760 000
Fax: +46 771-760 001
Email address:

Other information: LKAB is a global supplier of upgraded iron ore products. The firm produced 27.2 million tonnes of iron ore products during 2017.

The company was established in 1890, and has been 100% state-owned since the 1950s. LKAB's iron ore is processed into pellets and sinter fines, which are transported by train to harbours at Narvik and Lulea and to LKAB's steel mill at Lulea (SSAB).

LKAB's iron ore production is sold throughout much of the world, with principal customers being European steel mills, as well as steelmakers in North Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

LKAB has around 4,000 employees; of these, more than 600 are employed outside Sweden.

The firm operates iron ore mines, processing plants and ore harbors in northern Sweden and in Norway, and has a sales office in Germany. LKAB also owns a number of industrial mineral subsidiary companies that have processing plants in Sweden, Finland, the UK, the Netherlands, Turkey and China. Iron ore mines are located at Kiruna and at Malmberget in northern Sweden.

LKAB principally supplies blast furnace and direct reduction pellets (DR pellets) as well as high iron content iron ore fines. LKAB also mines and sells minerals (including mineral sand used for the manufacture of welding rods and welding wire; and refractory minerals used for the production of refractory bricks).

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