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Company name: Sinotech Group

Company name: Sinotech
Category: Metal stampings
Business location: Portland, Oregon, USA.

Expertise: Fastening components and connectors.
Keywords: Lockbolts, pins and collars, fasteners, blind rivets.
Telephone number: +1 503-828-9882
Fax number: +1 503-291-6192
Email address:

Other information: Sinotech cuts through the red tape of offshore manufacturing to provide easy access to the best factories in the Pacific Rim. The firm works with medium- and large-sized enterprises seeking to outsource production of custom-engineered electrical motors and mechanical components, including brushless DC motors, AC gear motors and progressive die stamping. Although the company delivers high-quality mechanical parts and assemblies for clients, it does not stock any products or sell mass-produced parts for distribution. Rather, organizations bring their original designs to Sinotech, who then source the manufacturing overseas.

Main proucts sold include custom engineered motors (including AC motors, DC motors, brushless motors, servo motors), motor components (including laminations, wound coils, armatures, brushes, commutators) and mechanical parts (including assemblies; metal alloy die castings; sand castings; stamped metal parts for mass production processes; and automotive and industrial tubing and tubular metal parts manufactured to customer specifications); machined extrusions.

Additional services offered include secondary metal processing, e.g. metal burnishing or shearing.

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