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Cristech offers clients technical advice relating to special steels. This covers engineering steel [or special bar quality, SBQ] in particular. Support relates to the rolling and forging of the steels. For further metallurgical advice please email:

Cristech is an independently owned private company based in the United Kingdom.

Telephone: +44 1709 581 095

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Engineering steel refers to the carbon, alloy and free-cutting grades of so-called rolled ‘special bar quality’ or SBQ steels. Typical uses include automotive applications, production of forgings, cold finishing [polishing, grinding, peeling], and bearings production. Although there is no single definition, engineering steel can be defined as steel that moves (rotates, twists or bends) rather than stays still whilst in use. Typical applications include axles, camshafts, crankshafts, gearbox gears, suspension arms, transmission shafts, automotive springs, bearings and hydraulic components.

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