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Academic Links - Metallurgy & Engineering.

Research Faculties, Institutes, Universities

AGH Univ of Science & Technol [Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza] 
Colorado School of Mines [Metallurgical & Materials Eng.]
IMZ Gliwice [Instytut Metalurgii Zelaza; Polska] 
Indian Inst. of Science [Dept of Materials Eng] 
Katholieke Univ Leuven [Dept Metallurgy Material Eng]
Massachusetts Inst of Technol [Materials Science & Eng] 
McMaster Univ [Certificate Metallurgy Iron & Steel; Canada] 
Montana Tech [School of Mines & Engineering; USA]
Univ of Birmingham [Department Metallurgy & Materials, UK] 
University Cambridge [Dept Materials Science & Metallurgy, UK]
Univ Miskolc [Faculty of Materials & Metallurgical Eng; Hungary]
University Utah [Department Metallurgical Eng, USA] 

Please note that whilst may have provided links from our own pages to a number of academic metallurgy and materials engineering institutions, this does not mean that endorses these sites or is in any way responsible for their data or content.

If there are any faculties or materials science research departments that you feel could be added to list above, kindly please contact our industry links

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