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World Steel Industry Information (plus related info ...)

Auto steel - passenger vehicle demand analysis [MCI] 
Coal Facts, 2009 edition [World Coal Institute] 
Manufacturing & steel prices: Morici [SMA] 
Report on the Economic and Market situation [Eurofer] 
Steel index [Current steel price index data from the SteelBB team]
Steel news today [Steel Insights offers steel news, price & market info]
World Mine Cost Data Exchange [Mine models, mine cost curves]

Country - Specific and Regional Info

Construction in Central and Eastern Europe [News and analysis; PMR Ltd]
Construction market in Poland [Market intelligence - PMR Ltd]
Construction market in Russia [Construction industry in Russia]
Construction market in Ukraine [Market information from PMR Ltd]
Employment & steel manufacturing USA [Dept of Labor employment data]
Japan Metal Bulletin [Top news-provider for non-ferrous metals]
Japan steel imports from USA [Japanese steel industry statistics]
Polish steel industry market information, 2005 [MCI]
Present and contemplated steelmaking plant facilities [SAISI] 
Donetsk Basin - coal resources [US Environmental Protection Agency]
US iron & steel survey [USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries] 
World Industrial Reporter [Latest developments in industrial innovation]

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