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Are you looking for impartial competitor or industry assessments from a leading metal sector consultancy?

Perhaps a supply side study in Eastern Europe? Or a competitor assessment in Asia [see footnote]? Carbon billet or slab steel cost modelling? Or an assessment of current stainless steel production levels in South America?

Whatever the product, whatever the geography, can arrange for you to receive first class advisory support from leading industry experts MCI. Email us or call us with your enquiry, and an MCI consultant will contact you for a preliminary discussion about your research needs.

Or, to request contact with no obligation whatsoever from your side, or call the telephone number listed below.

: Typically, we can offer an outline of a competitor's production facilities (including steelmaking capacities); production levels; offer a view on their cost competitiveness; and comment on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the business (SWOT analysis) for a fee of $1250. Our output will be in the form of a written report of ~4-5 pages. Please note that this service only applies [for $1250] with respect to profiles of small steel-producing firms or geographic groups of steelmaking facilities (e.g. at a single site). MCI cannot offer this service at the indicated price for multinational operations and / or for multi-site steel businesses. In such cases, higher fees will apply. In case of any doubt, please contact us for a price quote at +44 775 149 0885.

business restructuring


Thinking about viability and business restructuring? Are you maybe on the road to privatisation? We have much experience in metal business turnaround and would be pleased to assist you. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion.


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