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Steel Industry Reports

Steel sector reports & presentations

MMK Export Strategy
Presentation, May 2019, Metal Expert Europe-Turkey-CIS Steel Summit, Milan
Igor Sapozhnikov, Bureau of Strategic Development, MMK

150 Years of Steel
MinSouth Lecture, April 2019, London - by Roger Emmott, REAL
150 year anniversary lecture commemorating founding of Iron & Steel Institute

Midrex Process Overview
February 2019 presentation
Midrex Technologies

A new data-led approach to marketing drives value for the steel industry
Commentary, Alex Wares, Managing Director, Transmission
March 2018 Transmission

Steel mill gases converted into fuel
Press Release, CRI, Raykjavik, Iceland
December 2017 Carbon Recycling International

Opportunities for the UK horseshoe manufacturing sector
Commentary, Heather Palfrey, Commercial Director
August 2017 Bromford Iron & Steel, OOSL Group

Outlook for the UK forge sector
Commentary, Peter Davies
August 2017 Bromford Iron & Steel, OOSL Group

Iran - Steel Industry Outlook to 2020
Viewpoint, Dr Mostafa Sabzevari
MIDHCO, May 2017

Supreme Spanish Court of Justice obligates the Ministry to recognize the French ribbed bar NF Quality Mark
ASIDAC, May 2017

Chinese Steel Sector overview
Presentation by Jiangsu Yonggang Group
SteelOrbis Spring 2017 Conference, Budapest, March 2017

Forging a Future for the British Steel Industry
All Party Parliamentary Group on Steel & Metal Related Industries - January 2017

Open letter from European steel CEOs to EU Heads of State
Viability of the steel sector in Europe - EUROFER, 17th October 2016

Steel Long Products Market - Status and Outlook
Presentation by Kim Marti, CELSA. From 75th IREPAS meeting, September 2016

Tata Steel Port Talbot - the road to viability
Metals Consulting International Limited, May 2016

US steel import overview 2015/2016
Bernd Neuenkirchen, IREPAS Meeting, April 2016

Steel industry: Commission takes action to preserve sustainable jobs and growth in Europe
Press Release, European Commission, March 2016

Will Imports Continue To Flood US Shores?
Becky E. Hites, President, Steel Insights, January 2015

Mega trends - iron ore, metallurgical coal and scrap
Laura Brooks, CRU, OECD South Africa Workshop, December 2014

U.S. Long Product Market & Trade Issues
Bernd Neuenkirchen, C&F International, 71st IREPAS Meeting, September 2014

Pallet rack steel Article by Next Level Storage, September 2014.
For further information visit Next Level Storage Solutions

African Steel Master Class
Presentation by Andrzej M Kotas, MCI - Kallanish Training, June 2014

Steel long product market report and 2014 demand outlook
Presentation by Franc Cardona, CELSA. From 70th IREPAS meeting, March 2014

Storage solutions for sheets and profiles in steel
From Eurostorage, Belgium - December 2013 advertorial

The Turkish Long Steel Market
Dr Veysel Yayan, Turkish Steel Producers' Association - September 2013

Exploring Gold Equivalency for Forecasting Steel Prices
Trian Hendro Asmoro, PM World Journal - May 2013

Platts European Steel Summit
Assessing Dependent Industries -Auto & Construction Sectors
Roger Emmott Associates Limited - May 2013

World Steel Association [worldsteel]
Short Term Outlook - Steel Demand - April 2013

CELSA - Global Market Situation - Long Products
Presentation by Kim Marti, CELSA Group, 68th IREPAS Meeting, March 2013

European Commission, Steel Industry Report, 12-Feb-13
High-Level Roundtable Recommendations to Improve Competitiveness

Scope for Electricity and Carbon saving in the EU with EPM Technology
10th January 2013 - Institute of Electrotechnology

EUROFER market report, Q1 2013
January 2013 report on economic & steel market outlook for 2013/14

Future of steel - How will the industry evolve?
LaPlace Conseil, 73rd OECD Steel Committee, 6-7th Dec 2012

Lakshmi Mittal speech, 19-Jun-12
Steel Success Strategies Conference, New York

Global Economic Outlook and Steel Demand Trends
Slide presentation - Eldar Askerov, worldsteel, 23-24 April 2012

Turkish Steel Industry - Outlook
Presentation by Dr Veysel Yayan, TISPA, November 2011

Dry Bulk Shipping Outlook
Presentation by Banchero Costa [Shipbrokers], September 2011

CELSA - Global Market Situation - Long Products
Presentation by Kim Marti, CELSA Group, 64th IREPAS Meeting, April 2011

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