Steel industry flat product value chain.
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Steel industry value chain - flat products

Iron ore, pig iron, slab, HRC, CRC, HDG & OCS prices, H1 2019

steel flat product value chain
Steel value added chain - flat product prices - H1 2019

Prices in the chart above represent an indication of the steel value chain as at H1 2019. Site visitors should note that:

  • All prices are per metric tonne
  • Ore prices are for China imported fines 62% Fe (cfr Tianjin port)
  • Pig iron is the world average fob export price
  • Slab price is world average fob export price [carbon content <0.25%]
  • Hot rolled coil is unpickled wide strip, world average fob export price
  • Cold rolled coil, galvanised steel (for hot dip galvanised, HDG sheet and coil) and organic coated sheet (OCS) are also world averages.

This page is updated twice a year [Last update: 20th December 2019].

For further information about current steel prices [including an analysis of the steel long product value added chain covering scrap, billet, bar and wire rod] please contact us - or see our price of steel page.

Site visitors are asked to note that for finished steel products, export fob prices can often be 15% or so below local market prices. Product definitions are important when making comparisons such as those above; please call us if further clarification is required.