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Steel industry value chain - long products.

Ferrous scrap, billet, rebar, sbq, stainless bar prices, 2019-2022

  • H1 2019 steel prices
  • H2 2019 steel value chain
  • H1 2020 value chain
  • H2 2020 value chain
  • H1 2021 steel pricing chain
  • H2 2021 steel pricing chain
  • H1 2022 steel pricing chain

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Charts above show the value chain in recent years for long products, starting from key steelmaking raw materials. Recent world prices are illustrated for ferrous scrap, billet, reinforcing bar, carbon- and alloy-grade engineering steel (also known as special bar quality steel, or SBQ) and for stainless bar. Stainless steel bar prices cover round bar and rod over 80mm in diameter.

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