Steelmaking costs - metallurgical coking coal - coke cost.

Metallurgical Coal Prices

Steelmaking input costs - historic price trends

Coking coal export prices
Year/ MonthCoking Coal
2010 Q1$117.36
2010 Q2$143.7
2010 Q3$162.5
2010 Q4$160.6
2011 Q1$170.4
2011 Q2$191.2
2011 Q3$201.6
2011 Q4$181.4
2012 Q1$169.0
2012 Q2$157.2
2012 Q3$148.0
2012 Q4$131.1
2013 Q1$119.4
2013 Q2$119.2
2013 Q3$111.9
2013 Q4$110.7
2014 Q1$105.6
2014 Q2$96.7
2014 Q3$95.0
2014 Q4$95.5
2015 Q1$94.8
2015 Q2$93.0
2015 Q3$85.7
2015 Q4$80.5
2016 Q1$68.4
2016 Q2$69.3
2016 Q3$76.25
2016 Q4$118.07
2017 Q1$152.96
Table last updated: 22nd August 2017

Figures above are average quarterly export prices for metallurgical coal ('coking coal'; 'met coal') shipped from the USA expressed in USD per short ton on an f.a.s. basis [free alongside ship]. To see domestic US coking coal prices and / or other commodity price data including thermal coal, iron ore, ferrous scrap, natural gas and electricity prices, see our commodity prices page. Source: all figures above are courtesy of the EIA.



Metallurgical coal prices
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