World steel price charts - scrap, pig iron, billet, slab, HRC.

Historic steel price graphs

Charts of world steel prices

steel scrap prices
Ferrous scrap prices

pig iron prices
Pig iron prices

steel billet prices
Billet prices

steel slab prices
Steel slab prices

hot rolled coil prices
Hot rolled coil (HRC) and sheet prices

cold rolled coil prices
Cold rolled coil prices
[0.5-1.0mm gauge CRC]

hot dip galvanised steel prices
Hot dip galvanised prices, GI
[HDG width >= 600mm]

organic coated sheet prices
Organic coated steel sheet prices
[OCS, also called PPGI]

tinplate prices
Tinplate prices
[<0.5mm gauge]

steel rebar prices
Reinforcing steel bar prices - rebar

All steel prices and raw material price data are in US $ per metric tonne fob local port; world price average.

Note that latest data point(s) on the graphs may change, as more transaction price data becomes available.

All pricing information compiled by Metals Consulting International Limited [MCI].

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