Year 2030 price forecasts - iron ore, scrap & finished steel.
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MCI-ExMetrix price forecasts to 2030

Steel sector price projections

ExMetrix are a group of mathematicians based in Krakow Poland, who specialise in the preparation of predictive models using correlations, artificial intelligence and other statistical techniques. The predictive analytics bring together advanced capabilities such as data mining and machine learning to help establish data patterns and relationships. Together with macroeconomic, exchange rate and other forecasts, ExMetrics also prepare industry projections. For the steel sector, ExMetrix [assisted by MCI] prepare long-term projections covering iron ore, scrap and finished steel prices. The long-term projections include forecasts to end-2030.

Forecasting methodology is based on model optimisation using the simulated annealing technique. The charts below show the extent of fit between actual and predicted model data for iron ore and hot rolled steel coil. The coefficient of determination or R2 for these two models is 0.87 and 0.89 respectively.

iron ore price forecasting

hot rolled coil price forecasting

The ExMetrix price projections are available for purchase for US $350+VAT per product. Price forecast data is currently available for thermal coal, iron ore, scrap, hot rolled coil and reinforcing bar. For other products, please contact us. All forecasts above were created on the ExMetrix analytical platform, which enables econometric modelling using Data Mining methods. Data Mining allows analysts the opportunity to discover relationships, dependencies and other patterns across very large volumes of data; indeed, ExMetrix makes use of up to 70 million economic, demographic and and other factors in their analytical models.

Purchase MCI-ExMetrix 2030 steel price forecasts

Note: purchasers will receive a written report of ~7 pages or more describing the price projections. This report will be sent by email within 24-48 hours of payment receipt. The $350 purchase price does not entitle buyers to any insights into the workings of the econometric model itself however; this must remain proprietary know-how. VAT will additionally be charged as appropriate.

ExMetrix also prepare price forecasts covering lead, zinc, copper, aluminium and gold, and offer site visitors access to ExMetrix' own forecasting tools. For further information please visit ExMetrix website.