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Company name: Bihar Sponge Iron Ltd

Company name: Bihar Sponge Iron
Category: DRI
Business location: Jharkhand, India

Expertise: Manufacture of sponge iron.
Keywords: Sponge iron.
Telephone number: +91 (0) 591-232410
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Other information: Bihar Sponge Iron Limited (BSIL) is the first merchant sponge iron plant in India. The plant is located at Umesh Nagar, Chandil, in the Saraikela Kharsawan district, some 30 kms from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

The company produces direct reduced iron from indigenous iron ore and non-coking coal available abundantly in the area. Sponge iron is used as a raw material for electric arc furnaces and induction furnace steelmaking, substituting and supplementing indigenous and imported scrap. BSIL manufacturing technology is based on Lurgi's coal-based SL/RN process (part-financed by a loan from the International Finance Corporation, IFC). The DRI plant is designed to produce 150000 tonnes of sponge iron per annum.

Currently, the firm has ~500 employees. BSIL also own a captive 5 MW power plant.

Recent News
  • 2014: Chandil Power ceases to be a subsidiary company of Bihar Sponge Iron.
  • 2013: Shuts down operations in Jharkhand following non-supply of coal from Central Coalfields Ltd (CCL). CCL is a subsidiary of Coal India.
  • 2011: Bihar Sponge Iron Ltd announces acquisition of Chandil Power Ltd (a coal-based thermal power plant).
  • 1989: DRI plant commissioned with assistance from Lurgi. Commercial production started on 1st July 1989.
  • 1986: Commences construction of coal-based sponge iron plant.
  • 1982: BSIL incorporated in April 1982, with registered office and factory in Chandil, Kharswan in the State of Jharkhand

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