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Company name: ATAK

Company name: ATAK A.S.
Category: Steel fabrication
Business location: Ankara, Turkey

Expertise: Light gauge steel profiles, hollow secions, sheet cladding.
Keywords: Steel profiles, large diameter hollow sections.
Telephone number: +90 (312) 398 11 99
Fax number: +90 (312) 398 10 33
Email address:

Other information: ATAK A.S. is among the few companies in Turkey that can design, detail, fabricate, erect and occasionally clad a structure. In addition to the engineering expertise, the company is equipped with a steel fabrication plant with flexibility and in house solutions that include in house production of light gauge steel profiles and large diameter hollow sections. The factory - which has indoor space area of 12.000 m2 and outdoor space area of 37.450 m2 - is capable of producing 22,750 tons structural steel/year.

In house solutions include cold forming of standing seam panels used to clad roofs and sides of most steel structures.

Factory equipment includes metal bending machines, straightening presses, cutting machines, punches, welding machines, saws and sheet metalworking equipment (sheet cutting, welding, sawing).

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