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Company name: Clotan Steel

Company name: Clotan Steel
Category: Steel roofing sheets
Business location: Vanderbijl Park, South Africa

Expertise: Roof sheeting.
Keywords: IBR sheeting, corrugated sheet, widespan sheeting, C-tiles, pre-painted.
Telephone number: +27 (0)16 986 8000
Email address:

Other information: Clotan Steel started off on a very small scale in 1983 by selling blanked galvanized sheets that were decoiled manually from mother coils and cut to specified lengths with a primitive guillotine. The client base consisted exclusively of informal businesses that manufactured handmade galvanized items such as buckets etc. This low overhead business was conducted in order to maintain some sort of cash flow while, simultaneously, an IBR profile roof sheeting roll-former was being manufactured from scratch on the premises. The IBR roll former went into operation after 21 months.

As time progressed more roof sheeting roll formers were built so that by 1990 a total of two corrugated plants, the original IBR plant and an additional wide span plant were all in operation. Additional value was added to the profiled products when curving, bull nosing and cranking of sheets to customer specification was introduced.

The turn of the century coincided with a period of strong growth for the company with investment in state-of-the-art roll forming lines, flashing benders, Craft-Lock® concealed fixing systems, a cut-to-length line and mobile gutter units.

The firm's product range today includes ange lipped channels (cold formed sections which can be supplied hot dip galvanized, coated with magnesium zinc or in plain black steel), roofing materials (including IBR roof sheeting for large construction projects), slit strip, pre-painted sheet steel, corrugated sheeting (traditional and familiar S-Rib profiles for roofing and cladding applications), widespan sheeting (trapezoidal profiles), C-tile steel roof sheets, and roofing accessories.

Clotan's corrugated sheeting is supplied in the form of the familiar S-Rib profile for roofing and cladding applications. This is the oldest and most commonly-used roofing profile because of its easy handling and fixing properties and associated strength. Rib height of corrugated sheet is 17.5mm.

Steel Tile Roof Sheeting is also available in lengths up to 8m on request in a wide range of materials. These include colour coatings on one side with protective primer coating on the reverse side.

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