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Company name: CVG Ferrominera Orinoco CA

Company name: CVG Ferrominera Orinoco CA
Category: Iron Ore Mining
Business location: Puerto Ordaz, Estado Bolivar, Venezuela

Expertise: Iron Ore Mining.
Keywords: Iron ore lump, pellets and sinter feed.
Telephone number: +58 286 930 3775
Fax: +58 286 930 3783
Website: Ferrominera
Email address: info@ferrominera.com

Other information: The iron ore mining industry in Venezuela was nationalized in 1975. At that point, mining concessions belonging to the Iron Mines Company and the Orinoco Mining Company [both transnationals] were revoked. CVG Ferrominera Orinoco was formed from the merger of these two former businesses.

Iron ore is obtained from the vast reserves available in the San Isidro Ferriferous Quadrilateral of Bolivar State. The various iron ore mines include Altamira, the Arimagua Iron Ore deposit, El Trueno, Las Pailas, Los Barrancos, the Maria Luisa Iron Ore Mine, and Punta de Cerro. Ferrominera's iron ore beneficiation plant at Ciudad Piar- inaugurated by President Chavez in February 2007 - can produce 8 million tons of concentrated ore per year, guaranteeing the supply of raw material to Venezuelas iron and steelmakers for the next 200 years. The Orinoco Ferrominera Pellas Plant - for production of iron ore pellets - is located within the Punta Cuchillo industrial complex, in the Matanzas industrial area, Bolivar State. The facility - which is rotary kiln type - has a production capacity of ~3.3 mt / year. A rail link of ~135 km can transports iron ore to shiploading facilities at Palu.

The company sells blast furnace lump, blast furnace pellets, blast furnace sinter feed, direct reduction fines and direct reduction pellets. It exports iron ore to the United States, to Europe, and to Japan.

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