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Iron and Steel - Top Five Investment Locations.

Top Locations for Capital Investment 2001-2015

RankLocationCountryValue US$ billion
Note: Analysis as at mid-2011. All values are in end-2010 USD. Source: MCI capex cost database. Popularity of Zhanjiang is somewhat is distorted by plans for a single 20 mt/year investment by Baosteel in integrated steelmaking, planned for 2012.

RankLocationCountryNo of Projects
Source: MCI analysis, mid-2011. Further information: steel capex costs report. Readers should note that popularity rankings are influenced not just by the commercial attractiveness of the various locations shown. Indeed, the transparency of the steel industry investors making investment disclosures also has a significant bearing on the assessments shown.

A database of over 1000 iron and steel sector investment projects is available for purchase from MCI (either for selected modernizations, or as the complete database). The analysis comprises a spreadsheet that lists the country, investor, plant, location, facility, $ investment cost, capacity [where available] etc - for sample see capex database format.

Coverage of plant and equipment includes sinter, coke, DRI, blast furnaces, BOF, EAF steelmaking, induction furnaces, continuous casting (billet, bloom, slab), plate, hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, hot dip galvanised sheet, tinplate, organic coated sheet, heavy sections, rail, steel bar, rod, wire, welded pipe, seamless tube. It also includes pellet plant, coal washing plant, lime plant, PCI, pig iron desulphurization. Additionally it includes BF relines, ladle furnaces, vacuum degassing, air separation units, power plants, slitting lines, pickling plant, waste water treatment plant, acid regeneration plants, service centres etc.

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