History of CMC - Commercial Metals Company.

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History of the Commercial Metals Company (CMC) History of CMC

In 2022, we estimate that CMC produced ~6.5 million tonnes (mt) of liquid steel. Of this prouction, ~75% was in North America and ~25% was in Europe (Poland).

The timeline below covers the history of the firm.

  • 1915: American Iron & Metal founded 1915 as a family scrap metal facility in Dallas.
  • 1932: Adopts present name – Commercial Metals Company.
  • 1949: Purchases assets of Southern Iron & Metal in Beaumont, Texas – starts rebar production.
  • 1951: Opens recycling plant in San Antonio, Texas.
  • 1953: Acquires Charles Harley, a Californian scrap metals processor.
  • 1957: Buys Liberty Iron and Metal Co in Dallas.
  • 1963: Acquires 73% equity stake in Seguin-based EAF steelmaker Structural Metals in Texas.
  • 1970: Named a Fortune 500 company.
  • 1983: Acquires the Connors mini-mill in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • 1994: Purchases Owen Steel structural steel fabrication business in South Carolina for $50 m.
  • 1995: Acquires three more Texas -based scrap processing businesses.
  • 2000: Acquires Fontana Steel’s rebar processing operations on California.
  • 2003: Acquires majority stake in Zawiercie EAF melt shop and rebar plant in Poland.
  • 2009: Invests in ~250 kt / year Danieli micro-mill in Mesa, Arizona.
  • 2017: Barbara R Smith appointed as Chief Executive Officer.
  • 2018: Invests in ~320 kt / year MIDA in Durant, Oklahoma.
  • 2020: Purchases Galvabar, a manufacturer of galvanised rebar in Catoosa, Oklahoma.
  • 2022: Acquires another ferrous scrap collection firm - Advanced Steel Recovery LLC, in California.
  • 2023: Invests in another Danieli micro mill with 500kt / year capacity in Mesa Arizona.
  • 2023: Acquires EDSCO Fasteners LLC from MiddleGround Capital.
  • 2023: Barbara Smith retires. Peter Matt appointed as new CEO in planned succession.

  • 1995: These acquisitions comprised Atlas Iro and Metal, Federal Iron and Metal and Laredo Scrap Metals.
  • 2000: Purchases included the rebar fabrication operations at Rancho Cucamonga and at San Marcos.
  • 2003: CMC paid approximately $50 million cash to acquire a 71 percent of the outstanding shares of Huta Zawiercie.
  • 2009: Danieli micro mill (also known as a MIDA mill) involves endless casting and rolling and does away with billet reheating. The technology thus offers significant yield, energy cost and productivity benefits compared to traditional rebar production methods.
  • 2020: GalvaBar operates out of a dedicated facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and its products are sold throughout the United States and the Caribbean.
  • 2023: EDSCO is a leading provider of anchoring solutions for the electrical transmission market. Products include anchor cages, bolts, and fasteners that are manufactured principally from rebar and used primarily to secure high voltage electrical transmission poles to concrete foundations. EDSCO's manufacturing plants are located in Texas, Utah, Tennessee, and North Carolina.
  • 2023: Peter Matt became President and CEO of CMC. He was appointed President in April 2023 and Chief Executive Officer in September 2023, taking over from Barbara Smith on her retirement.

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