Steel KPIs - key performance indicators - benchmarking.
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Steel Industry KPIs

Key performance indicators - benchmarking

MCI can offer clients two different services relating to steel plant performance. These are:

  • A diagnostic of current plant performance, based on a comparison of client KPIs against typical or best practice performance benchmarks. Such a diagnostic study might be followed by a plant visit by one of our technical experts to discuss current practices, to deliberate on options for change, or to consider other aspects of the expert's diagnosis

  • Outright sale of summary data from our KPI database, without further diagnostic or other consulting involvement. See our online store.

Either way, the MCI consulting team can supply KPI data for melting, casting and rolling to help benchmark steel plant performance against international norms. Although KPIs vary from steelmaking step to step, they typically include measures of size or scale, availability, speed, productivity, yield loss, energy use and factor consumption.

Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion or read a recent performance improvement case study.

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