Steel works plant capacity info & 2017 database.
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Steel Plant Information

Plant capacity data and analysis from James F. King

World's Largest Iron Ore Producers, 2017 world iron ore capacity 2017

World's Largest Flat Product Producers, 2017 world steel flat product capacity 2017

World's Largest Steel Long Product Producers, 2017 world steel long product capacity 2017

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Other factory information, steel market reports and economic appraisals

James F. King offers information and consultancy advice to the steel and associated raw materials industries. Services cover the economic and commercial aspects of these industries, from mining to semi-finished mill products and are generally of three types (i) regular information services for subscription clients, covering developments in markets, production potential [i.e. capacity], costs of production and prices (ii) annual market reviews and forecasts for major products and (iii) special consultancy reports undertaken to clients' specifications.