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Steel Production Report - August 2021.

Monthly Steel Production Review

World crude steel production for the 64 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was 156.8 million tonnes (Mt) in August 2021, a 1.4% decrease compared to August 2020.

Africa produced 1.3 Mt in August 2021, up 38.2% on August 2020. Asia and Oceania produced 112.7 million metric tonnes, down 7.3%. The CIS produced 8.8 Mt, up 3.6%. The EU (27) produced 11.6 Mt, up 27.1%. Other Europe produced 4.5 Mt, up 11.7%. The Middle East produced 3.6 Mt, up 10.9%. North America produced 10.2 Mt, up 24.4%. South America produced 4.0 million tonnes, up 17.2%.

The 64 countries referred to above accounted for approximately 98% of total world crude steel production in 2020.

Source of data: worldsteel [formerly the IISI].

About worldsteel

The World Steel Association (also known as worldsteel) is a non-profit organisation with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. A second office in Beijing, China, opened in April 2006.

The Association has members in every major steel-producing country/ It represents steel producers, national and regional steel industry associations, and steel research institutes. Members represent around 85% of global steel output.

The WSA was founded as the International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI) in July 1967. It changed its name to the World Steel Association in October 2008. The association celebrated its 50th year anniversary in 2017.

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