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World Steel Trade Flows.

Global import & export flows, 2019

world steel trade flows 2019

The analysis identifies China as the largest exporting region (in terms of extra-regional exports), and other Asia as the largest importing region (in terms of extra-regional imports). For this purpose, other Asia includes South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

In 2019, approx 25% of all steel made crossed a border prior to being consumed. International trade in steel amounted to ~438 million tonnes.

Note that for a small charge, the ISSB can supply steel trade data (import or export tonnages) covering monthly, quarterly or annual volumes and dollar prices, for most semi-finished or finished steel products. For further information, visit ISSB or click below to identify the trends across recent years.

Source: World Steel Association - World Steel in Figures, 2020.
All figures are millions of metric tonnes.


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