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Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism - The Transitional Registry
10 Feb 2024
This webinar prepared by the European Commission presents the CBAM and the timeline for its implementation. It provides a snapshot of the IT system for CBAM reporting; and addresses questions that participants initially had.

Tata Steel confirms plans to cut jobs by closing Port Talbot blast furnaces
19 Jan 2024
Tata Steel has confirmed plans to cut 2,800 jobs across the UK, by closing down both blast furnaces at its Port Talbot plant. The firm said the move was part of its transition to greener and more sustainable steel-making operations. Unions called the move an absolute disgrace.

The Epic Saga of the World's Biggest Mining Project
08 Jan 2024
The world's largest mining endeavor, a $20 billion project including the extraction of iron ore, construction of a railway, and establishment of a port in a distant region of West Africa, is anticipated to commence this year following a lengthy 27-year delay marked by obstacles, controversies, and numerous unsuccessful attempts. Learn more...

Why the U.S. Steel sale is generating controversy
21 Dec 2023
A $14 billion deal for Japan's Nippon Steel to buy out U.S. Steel is facing stiff opposition. CBS Pittsburgh money and politics editor Jon Delano examines the details of the sale — and why lawmakers oppose it.

Labour's Steel Industry Policies | Labour Vision for UK Steel
29 Oct 2023
In the wake of the news of more job losses, and an injection of public money, with the UK steel industry, Keir Starmer has been discussing Labour's plans. But given that both the Conservatives and Labour are putting the emphasis on electric arc furnaces, what is the actual difference between the two parties?

Ukraine's once-mighty steel industry choked by export blockade
26 Oct 2023
Zaporizhstal, a Soviet-era steel plant in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia, is still running in defiance of staff shortages, blocked exports, power blackouts and the threat of Russian missile attacks. But the future of Ukraine's once-mighty steel sector is in doubt.

Tata Steel CEO on Demand, Green Transition, Production
04 Sep 2023
Tata Steel CEO TV Narendran discusses product demand, shift to green steel, and production investments in India on the sidelines of the B20 Summit in New Delhi.

United Steelworkers union clashes with U.S. Steel over takeover bid
23 Aug 2023
Discussion about the clash between the United Steelworkers Union and U.S. Steel over the Esmark takeover bid.

Is the energy crisis driving Europe's steel industry to the Americas?
14 Jul 2023
Steel is a $1 trillion market and demand is rising. But production consumes a lot of energy - and is expensive. Are companies moving out of Europe to invest in South and North America because electricity is much cheaper there? And what about hydrogen powered 'green steel'?

Ukraine seeks to become world's cheapest supplier of Green Steel
19 Jun 2023
War-torn Ukraine is seeking up to $40 billion to fund the first part of a 'Green Marshall Plan' to rebuild its economy. A two-day meet, co-hosted by Ukraine and UK, begins in London on Wednesday. Politicians and financiers will discuss the country's short-term funding issues as well as look at long-term reconstruction efforts. The World Bank estimates Ukraine's reconstruction will cost $411 billion, three times the country's gross domestic product.

Do we need a steel industry in the UK anymore?
06 Apr 2023
A look at the future of the steel industry in the UK - and whether we need one - as the sector comes under intense cost pressure from high energy prices and cheaper international competition. It is currently too expensive to produce the steel we need to build wind turbines in the country, so we import from countries with a higher carbon footprint - against the backdrop of the US and Europe's green ubsidies.

ArcelorMittal Dofasco green steel project proposes pipeline
03 Mar 2023
A proposed switch from coal to natural gas at Hamilton’s steel mills is bringing mixed reactions across the city. Industry officials say a large pipeline is needed to make that happen in order to meet demand and achieve emission targets. In efforts to go green at the steel mills, ArcelorMittal Dofasco says it will take a large 14-kilometre natural gas pipeline through a populated area of east Hamilton to get it done. The natural gas supplier says the preferred route would begin on Highway 56 south of Rymal Road where a new station will be built. The route would then run along Upper Centennial Parkway down to Barton Street until it reaches ArcelorMittal Dofasco. But Don McLean with Hamilton 350 committee says there are environmental concerns. "We don’t have a good understanding of what the actual emissions will be from the gas their talking about using because it’s fracked gas".

Scunthorpe steel plant shuts coking ovens threatening up to 260 jobs
22 Feb 2023
British Steel has blamed high energy bills and the cost of decarbonising its business for its decision to shut its coking ovens in Scunthorpe, meaning the loss of up to 260 jobs. But unions fear the decision could undermine the viability of the entire plant, where most of British Steel's 4,000 workers are based, and say they will oppose the move.

China progresses iron ore mine construction in African country of Guinea
23 Jan 2023
China is progressing with the construction of a giant iron ore mine in the African country of Guinea with the mine expected to be operational by 2025.

Davos 2023: Factors That Will Define Price-Demand Equation For Steel Industry
19 Jan 2023
TataSteel's TV Narendran on whether capex demand will revive in 2023 and how far China's steel production will determine global prices.

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