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What are the most important issues for the steel industry looking forward?

19 Oct 2017
Edwin Basson - Director General of the World Steel Association, discusses three sets of challenges that the steel industry will face in the next 50 years.

Japanese steel maker faked data for metal used in cars, planes

10 Oct 2017
One of Japan's biggest metal providers admitted to falsifying data about the strength of some copper and aluminum products that may have ended up in the import auto industry.

Yuan Zhuo cargo ship: the world's largest ore transport vessel

28 Aug 2017
A month after leaving the coast of Brazil, the Yuan Zhuo cargo ship - straddled with 400,000 tons of iron ore - arrives in the port of China's Zhoushan Island.

Money Talks: China worried about rising steel prices

11 Aug 2017
China has been the world's biggest steel producer for many years. But foreign and domestic factors have forced it to trim steel output - that combined with strong demand from Chinese construction firms, has led to a surge in prices.

Egyptian Steel Group: Investment in Beni Suef rebar plant

07 Feb 2017
The Egyptian Steel Group provides an overview of their new Danieli-supplied steel billet and rebar plant in Upper Egypt.

USS CEO discusses regulation

07 Dec 2016
Mario Longhi, Chief Executive Officer of U S Steel, discusses regulation and recent optimism in the industry (including the 2017 steel sector employment outlook in the USA).

China's Threat to Steel in Europe

8 Nov 2016
China and Eastern Europe have been dumping steel onto the EU market at rock bottom prices. EU steelmakers are calling for higher tariffs. An entire industry is barely scraping by due to low profit margins.

Liu Chunsheng discusses the global steel market

11 Oct 2016
Liu Chunsheng, associate professor from China's Central University of Finance and Economics, talks to CCTV America about the current problem of global steel overcapacity. He mentiones three blockages to Chinese capacity reduction including the pressure on local governmentss for economic growth; the problem of potential unemployment; and the risks to the Chinese financial system of major capacity closures. Professor Chunsheng also discusses recent steps taken to reduce surplus capacity; and the 120 million tonne capacity reduction envisaged for future years. Other matters such as the adoption of less confrontational approaches to Chinese capacity surplus are considered also in the video clip.

Have steel and iron ore prices bottomed?

24 May 2016
David Clarke - Head of Strategy at ArcelorMittal - discusses recent iron ore and steel prices. Regarding iron ore, he considers the iron ore supply demand balance; the historic expansion of iron ore capacity in Australia; the replacement of high cost iron ore production by low cost supply; and currencies and freight rates. Regarding steel prices, he discusses price spreads and the sustainability of recent Chinese export prices especially, noting a cautiously optimistic near-term price outlook underpinned by expected Chinese capacity cuts of ~100-150mt/year.

Challenges of the Steel Industry in South Africa

01 Jul 2015
Paul O'Flaherty speaking at the GIBS Business School in Johannesburg on the history of the steel industry and the challenges it faces.

Meeting The Challenge - Lightweighting With Steel

08 May 2015
SMDI report - See how new grades of steel are helping OEMs design high tech and lightweight vehicles that consumers prefer.

ArcelorMittal annual review 2014

30 Apr 2015
Aditya Mittal, Chief Financial Officer & CEO ArcelorMittal Europe, answers the question 'Why are you confident about the outlook for the European business in 2015?'.

Indian MMDR Act

25 Mar 2015
Koushik Chatterjee, Tata Steel Group CFO, presents Tata Steel's perspective on the recent Mines & Minerals Development & Regulation Act.

Iron miners can't fight the fundamentals

26 Jan 2015
Higher cost producers of iron ore in Australia might hope for a reprieve, but the market conditions show no sign of change.

March 2015 start-up of Odisha Steel Plant

02 Dec 2014
Tata Steel Managing Director Mr T Narendran discusses some of Tata Steel's current supply chain challenges and the expected commissioning of the new 6 mt/year Odisha Steel Plant in March 2015. These challenges include the current need to import iron ore from Australia rather than make use of Tata Steel's captive iron ore mines located just 100km away. They also include the need to obtain full clearances and approvals for Tata's mines in Odisha and Jharkhand (closed earlier in 2014 after Government-imposed shutdowns).

Investing in African steel

07 Nov 2014
A video clip about investment in the African steel sector. The discussion centres on some supply and demand characteristics of the steel sector in Africa's ECOWAS and COMESA member states, and also considers matters relating to African steelmaking economics.

Steel plants closed to fight smog in Northern China

24 Feb 2014
A report from China View on recent capacity closures in Northern China, and on recent steel plant dismantling in Tangshan Province. Steel-related smog alerts in Beijing and elsewhere are discussed also.

China is world's largest consumer of iron ore

21 Oct 2013
China's iron ore resources are scattered geographically. The iron ore quality is fairly poor and extraction costs are high. Whilst iron ore production is now well over 400 mt / year, imports are the largest source of supply.

Coal Pricing - An Interview with Dr Neil Bristow

18 Sep 2013
Dr Bristow discusses coal price volatility and possible pricing developments and the steel sector recovery as 2014 approaches, as well as demand drivers for coal in the near-to-medium term.

Steel Raw Materials Monthly: Should iron ore and steel producers worry about China?

28 Aug 2013
A discussion about China's economic outlook, about the consequences of slowing growth on Chinese steel production, and about the impact of recent Government policy on steel demand.

B. Muthuraman, Vice Chairman, Tata Steel - 2013 a Difficult Year

21 Aug 2013
Vice Chairman of Tata Steel discusses steel prices and raw material cost levels, today and in the historic perspective; and outlines the company's near-term development plans in Jamshedpur, in Orissa and in Europe.

Aluminum and steel: the battle for automotive market share

30 Apr 2013
A Platts McGraw Hill video clip in which the battle for automotive market share between steel and aluminium is discussed. Fundamental here are the European Commission's plans to reduce carbon emissions. These plans are in turn forcing vehicle weights to become ever lower. Whilst this does favour the adoption of aluminium in preference to steel (especially in the luxury car market), the steel sector is fighting back with the introduction of high strength alloy steels as the battle for auto supply share continues.

French minister says ArcelorMittal is not welcome

27 Nov 2012
Heated discussion concerning the future of ArcelorMittal, covering French Minister Arnaud Montebourg's comment about ArcelorMittal not being welcome in France. The film clip covers the planned closure of steelmaking at Florange in the face of continued losses at the carbon flat steel division and the European steel market downturn, and government's response alleging ArcelorMittal non-compliance with historic investment undertakings.