Amendment of transshipment agreement with Nakhodka trade sea port.
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Title: Amendment of transshipment agreement with Nakhodka trade sea port
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2018 00:00:00 GMT

Report: EVRAZ plc (EVRAZ, the Company and together with its subsidiaries, the Group) announces today that it has signed a Deed of Amendment (Transaction) in relation to the Long-Term Transshipment Agreement (LTA) which was signed as part of the disposal of Joint Stock Company EVRAZ Nakhodka Trade Sea Port (the Nakhodka Port) to EVRAZ majority shareholder Lanebrook Limited (Lanebrook) on 3 May 2017 and which was approved by the independent shareholders of the Company on 23 May 2017.
Keywords: port, evraz, nakhodka, amendment, agreement

Source: Evraz plc.
Press release: see full report.

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