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Please describe this service
Who provides this service ?
Who is this service for ?
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Please describe this service

The service allows guests to access current industry news and information. This includes general steel industry news and company news [ArcelorMittal, US Steel, Tata Steel, POSCO etc]. The service allows visitors to access a wealth of free statistical and other information, including current steel industry production; capacity; price and cost data; conference information and more.

The site also offers guests a number of different business services. These include consulting support, feasibility studies, and market and competitor appraisals. Please see our 'experts' page for a deeper overview of our capabilities.

Visitors to our 'LINKS' pages will also find one of the most extensive lists of steel and metals-related websites. If you are an industry researcher, this listing will provide you with an invaluable network resource.

Our steelmaking plant and capacity information service is provided through a partnership with James F. King. Mr King is one of the world's leading authorities in the area of current and future global steel plant capacity, steel production, and steel production economics.

Reports concerning monthly world steel production and trade are provided by the Iron & Steel Statistics Bureau (ISSB) , the world's leading authority on international steel trade flows and steel trade statistics.

Who provides this service?

The service is provided by The site, launched in late 2001 and operated by UK-based Metals Consulting International Limited, is the leading independent and internationally focused web portal to provide a service of this kind. For further information about us, please click

Who is the service for?

This service is aimed at steel industry executives - and also at any other parties who may have an interest in the industry. This includes steel company owners, managers, potential investors in the industry, employees, Trades Unions, steel plant customers, steel suppliers, and metals manufacturing industry financiers. It is also intended for use by steel distributors, for all end-use steel consumers, and any other opinion makers. The objective we aspire to is improved information for all.

What does the service cost? is free to guests for much industry news; as well as for selected industry statistics and views [and 'opinion pages'] that we show. Site visitors may, therefore, at no cost whatsoever:

  • view many of our news pages (steel industry breaking news, plus ~20 other related newsfeeds; updated every 15 minutes;
  • view pricing, production, capacity, cost, and related data;
  • obtain information about all major forthcoming steel industry conferences and exhibitions worldwide.

We also offer visitors a range of further services, some of which are free, and for some of which we charge a modest fee. These services include:

  • The ability to look through selected recent conference papers and industry reports;
  • The opportunity to make contact with leading international consulting firms that can provide market or industry research services specifically tailored to visitors' needs;
  • Free access to an extensive library of steel industry web site links;
  • Free access to selected steel-related price and cost data;
  • Free access to our steel industry knowledge base.

Click here to download our current price list

About the news service

Our news service is brought to you from a variety of leading news providers from around the world. News stories are uniquely selected by Breaking industry news and corporate communications material will generally be found online on well before it appears elsewhere in the international or printed trade press.

About the knowledge base

Our knowledge base contains analyses, reports and data on topics that include (i) steel company history (ii) costs and prices (iii) selected technical issues. Site visitors are invited to make full use of this free resource.

Operation of the website is operated by Metals Consulting International Limited, a UK-based company specialising in management consultancy services to the steel industry. The Directors of Metals Consulting International have many years' experience specialising in international consulting to the steel manufacturing industry. This experience guarantees you, the site visitor, first class links to CEO's and senior industry executives worldwide and an unparalleled understanding of the current industry issues that matter.

Our management

The CEO of is Dr , aged 67. Andrzej is a steel industry consultant with over 30 years' management consulting experience. Andrzej worked for Beddows & Company between 1990-1998, and subsequently for Hatch Consulting through to 2001 being Consulting Practice Director at both firms.

Through his career Andrzej has advised steel companies, bankers, investors, Governments, and Government agencies on a broad range of industry issues - in particular matters to do with restructuring, privatisation, modernisation and investment. Andrzej is especially well known for his work with the Central and East European steel industry. His views on the industry in this region have been circulated in press articles and conference proceedings that have been published worldwide. Andrzej also has many connections with industry associations, the trade press, and many consultancies through which contact may be made through

MCI is a recognised practice at the Institute of Consulting in the UK

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