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Press Release - Evraz
Wed, 28 Oct 2020 00:00:00 GMT
Evraz Publishes Its Climate Change Report

TMK premium pipes first run into a well at the Sakhalin-1 project
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 11:38:05 GMT
A casing string made up of premium threaded connection pipes manufactured by TMK was successfully lowered into

NLMK to enhance quality of pre-painted steel
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 00:00:00 GMT
NLMK Lipetsk has commenced a project to overhaul its pre-painting line (PPL-1) with a productivity of 195,000 tonnes of pre-painted steel per year. This upgrade will enable the company to increase strip quality, double the output of premium pre-painted steel grades, and reduce production

Tue, 27 Oct 2020 00:00:00 GMT
PJSC MMK (MMK, or the Group) (MICEX-RTS: MAGN; LSE: MMK), one of the worlds largest steel producers, is pleased to invite the investment community to join MMK online. Fireside chat with the leadership team on the 8 December

TMK runs an industrial safety audit across its facilities as ...
Thu, 22 Oct 2020 00:00:00 GMT
TMK ran an industrial safety audit across its facilities as part of Steel Safety Day2020. The event involved

NLMK Board of Directors recommends dividends for Q3 2020
Wed, 21 Oct 2020 00:00:00 GMT
NLMK Group's Board of Directors recommended NLMK shareholders to approve Q3'20 dividend in the amount of RUB 6.43 per share at the Extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting (EGM) which will be held on 18 December 2020. This sum includes one-off dividends of RUB 3.21 per share aimed at compensating the decrease in dividends in Q4 2019 following the resolution of the Meeting of Shareholders held on 24 April

Completion of share buyback program of TMK ordinary shares
Tue, 20 Oct 2020 11:38:03 GMT
PAOTMK (MOEX: TRMK), one of the worlds leading producers of tubular products for the

NLMK Group receives SAP Value Award
Fri, 16 Oct 2020 00:00:00 GMT
NLMK Group, an international steelmaker, has topped the People are the most valuable capital nomination in the annual SAP Value Award for integrating a system to evaluate employees individual contributions and remuneration based on the SAP HCM (Human Capital Management)

TMK improves its information and cyber security systems
Tue, 13 Oct 2020 11:38:59 GMT
TMK has implemented a system for collecting, storing and analyzing security events. The system is powered by

Moodys revises global steel sector outlook to stable
Thu, 08 Oct 2020 04:43:00 GMT
Moody's said it is changing steel outlook for all regions which include the US, Europe, Russia, Brazil and Asia to

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