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Steel Industry Capital Investments.

Modernisation and capacity expansion projects 2016

  • Argentina, Gerdau, Perez, EAF / CC / Bar, 2 phase investment . Phase I completion was in 2011. Phase II is in 2016.
  • Belgium, ArcelorMittal, Gent Works, Reheat furnace, New walking beam furnace for ArcelorMittal Gent's HSM.
  • Brazil, Ferrous Resources do Brasil, Juiz de Fora, BOF / CC / Slab , Slab mill project of Brazilian miner Ferrous Resources do Brasil. Valued added focus.
  • Brazil, Shin Hwa Sil Up / JK Shin jv, Not disclosed, Tin plate line(s), Plant to be built in Rio Grande do Sul state.
  • China, Ansteel, Panyu, HDG, Auto quality galvanising line. Construction to start in 2014 and finish in 2016.
  • China, Kobe / Angang jv, Kobelco Angang Auto Steel Co, CRM - tandem, JV for production of advanced CR high-strength steel sheet for auto sector.
  • China, Shadong Iron & Steel, Rizhao Works, BOF / CC / +++, BF capacity 8.1mt / BOF 8.5mt. A Bank of China loan is funding this investment.
  • China, Wuhan I&S, Fangchengang Works, BOF / CC / +++, Plant will produce 8.5 mt iron, 9.2 mt of steel and 8.6 mt of steel products.
  • Ethiopia, Derba Group, Toussa Steel Factory, Bar mill, Derba Group is owned by Sheik Mohammed Hussein Ali al Amoudi
  • Hungary, Wuppermann Group, Gyor-Gonyu Works, HDG, Pickling line and HDG line located at Hugarian harbor
  • India, Mughal Steel, Mughal Steel Works, Induction furnace, IPO raised funds for this modernisation.
  • India, SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant, HSM, Facility is to serve the auto and white goods sectors.
  • Indonesia, Fuhai Group / Ansteel jv, Ujung Jabung Works, BOF / CC / +++, Plant will use locally sourced 'sand-iron' in BOF steelmaking process.
  • Indonesia, JFE Steel, Not disclosed, HDG, JFE Steel plans to make HDG sheet 0.4-2.3 mm in thickness and 800-1,850 mm in width.
  • Indonesia, Krakatau Steel, Cilegon Works, Blast furnace, Built also by Chinese state-owned firm Metallurg Group Corp's Capital Eng & Research
  • Indonesia, Krakatau Steel, Cilegon Works, HSM, Contract is with SMS Siemag and PT Krakatau Engineering.
  • Kenya, Mabati Rolling Mills, Mariakani Coating Complex, Organic coating line, This is Mabati's 4th OCS line - the facility will use new technology from Korea.
  • Nigeria, Setraco Construction Company, Welded tube - Spiral, Production is planned of 3 metre double welded helical water pipes.
  • Russia, Donelectrostal, Rostov plant, EAF / CC / Bar, Donelectrostal and Rostov regional Gov signed MoA in September 2012
  • Russia, Industrial Union Donbass, Armavir, EAF / CC / Bar, Melting shop 1.5mt + light long 700kt + rod 500,000t. Construction was to start in 2012.
  • Russia, Metally i Innovatsii , Pikalyovo, EAF / CC / Bar, THis plant is to focus on the domestic market
  • Russia, NLMK, Novolipetsk Metallurgical Works, HDG, Expansion hot-dip galvanizing line HDG-1.
  • Russia, NLMK, Stoilensky, Pellet plant, This strategic project will enable NLMK to substitute in-house pellets for external purchases.
  • Russia, Tulachermet, Tula Works, BOF plant, A 160t converter is to be supplied by SMS
  • Ukraine, ArcelorMittal, Kriviy Rih, PCI, PCI for BF#9 (5000m3; the biggest blast furnace in Europe)
  • Ukraine, Metinvest, Azovstal, PCI, PCI for BF#4 (2000m3)
  • Ukraine, Metinvest, Yenakievo Iron & Steel Works, Sinter plant, State of the art sinter plant from Siemens VAI.
  • USA, Big River Steel, Big River Steel, EAF / thin slab / HRC, CSP line for production of 1.5mt (Phase 1) then 3mt (Phase 2) of HRC incl CRC and HDG.
  • USA, North American Stainless, Ghent Plant, Slitting line, Construction to begin January 2015 and is expected to be completed in early 2016
  • USA, Nucor-Yamato Steel Company, Blytheville, Quench & temper, Quench and self-tempering process for production of high strength low alloy steel beams.
  • USA, Tenaris, Bay City, Seamless tube, State-of-the-art seamless pipe mill, heat treatment and premium threading facilities.
  • USA, VoestAlpine, Port Corpus Christi, DRI, Natural gas fired facility will be located at a deep water port.

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