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Hall of Fame - Steel Quiz.

Top scores - steel quiz

100 %RupaliBhopal01-May-20
100 %Abhishek Kumar Ayodhya01-May-20
100 %CheekuUP01-May-20
100 %Lavkush yadav(up)01-May-20
100 %Akash YadavBhopal01-May-20
100 %PrakethBellary 21-Feb-20
96 %chalchisa delesaEthiopia12-Apr-24
96 %CaponIndia09-Jun-21
92 %Punati.Sai Silpa BhavaniKaramchedu12-Jun-20
88 %Izzeddin TahaUnited Arab Emirates07-May-20
84 %Nawaz KhanBangalore03-Mar-24
84 %AndrzejWoodford Green Essex UK04-Jan-20
80 %seemaUp01-May-20
80 %LavkushBrahinapur01-May-20
76 %Arpit rajAmbedkar nagar02-May-20
72 %veerJagdalpur08-Mar-20
72 %P k dashRourkela30-Nov-20
68 %Athulya A BKerala11-Jun-20
64 %cdEthiopia12-Apr-24
60 %Nawaz KhanBangalore03-Mar-24
12 %Bablu Berhampur 13-Apr-24
4 %SK Sajjat Hossen Haldia 05-Apr-24

This 'hall of fame' lists those site visitors who completed our steel industry quiz, attaining an excellent score.

Quiz Notes

1) Note that the quiz pass mark is 60% and that a distinction requires a score of 80% or more.
2) You may repeat the test several times. To take the test again click here: start steel quiz.
3) Anonymous submissions with no name or location will not be added to table above.

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