Steel industry training - video film clips - melting, casting, rolling.

Iron & Steel Industry Training

Steel training videos and film clips

A Siemens film clip describing the main elements of a mini mill, including the scrap storage area, EAF, ladle furnace, caster, reheat furnace, long product rolling mill, cooilng beds, bundling area, roll shop, water treatment plant, power substation etc.

A narrated description of the steelmaking process, from United States Steel. Covers iron ore preparation, coke-making, blast furnace operation, basic oxygen steelmaking, ladle furnace treatment, continuous casting of slab, the hot strip mill, hot band pickling, cold rolling and more.

Overview of the blast furnace operation for production of pig iron from iron ore and coke. Some very basic chemistry of iron and steelmaking is outlined also.

Corus training video describing the blast furnace, and its typical inputs of sinter, iron ore, coke, limestone and hot air. The video clip outlines the iron ore chemical reduction process, the production steps to produce hot metal and slag, and the typical subsequent uses of pig iron.

One minute video clip, with description of blast furnace, and of the chemical process for the production of pig iron.

Corus film clip about BOS steelmaking. The video illustrates scrap and hot metal charging, oxygen injection, the slag production process and more, as overall carbon content is reduced from ~4% to about 0.05%.

Timken company training video with both film and schematic illustrations describing EAF steelmaking from steel scrap to produce steel ingot. Ingot rolling processes are illustrated also.

Hot rolling
Hot rolling

22 Apr 2012

Dalarna University / SSAB training film which provides an overview of the processes in a steel hot rolling mill. Reheating furnace, roughing mill, coil box and finishing mill operations are described, starting from steel slab. Mill scale production, descaling, strip gauge control, temperature control and similar issues are discussed.

Film clip which illustrates the seamless tube production process stage-by-stage, starting from large rounds. Reheating, piercing and finishing steps are shown.

Corus training film which describes the production process for welded steel tube from flat-rolled strip, using electric welding. Heat treatment for normalising and further hot stretch reduction are discussed also.

Forging of steel
Steel forging

26 May 2009

An excellent nine minute film which describes ring rolling, open-die forging and hammer forging. Some first class screen shots easily make up for the lack of commentary.

The production process for wire rope is described, starting from wire strand. Configuration of wire strands, wire lubrication, strand rolling, and strand winding into rope are all described. Strength testing procedures for the steel cable are also shown and the purpose of plastic coating is explained.