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Associates are listed in alphabetical order.

Bill Penn
Iron & steelmaking
Bill Penn
Blast furnaces & PCI

Former melt shop manager. Has world class understanding of pulverised coal injection best practices - expert witness.

  Sebastian Lewis
Chinese steel industry
Sebastian Lewis
Chinese iron & steel

Chinese speaking consultant - industry research
Investments and joint ventures

Bogdan Rebiasz
I&S sector, Poland
Bogdan Rebiasz
Customers and markets

Expert on the Polish metal sector. This includes supply, demand, end-use markets, forecasting and distribution.

  Dave Edwards
Mill operations
Dave Edwards
Project Director

Feasibility, due diligence, performance
improvement and plant valuation.

James King
Industry economics
James King
Markets & cost models

Economist and cost benchmarking expert. Emphasis on melting, casting and rolling.

  John White
Institutional specialist
John White
Human Resources

Organisation & HR, Health & Safety
Business Planning & Development
Project and Contracts Management.

Krzysztof Kwasniewski
Strategic planning
Krzysztof Kwasniewski
Coke plant operations

Specialist in strategic management, planning and facility restructuring.

  Mike Cristinacce
Mike Cristinacce
SBQ & special steels

Expert in electric arc and secondary steelmaking, ingot and continuous casting, ESR and VAR. Good knowledge of billet and bar rolling of carbon, alloy and stainless steels.

Paul Wellings
Feasibility studies
Paul Wellings
Financial modelling

Specialist in due diligence, feasibility studies and financial modelling in the metal sector.

  Peter Stickland
Metal distribution
Peter Stickland
Building sector and SSCs

Adviser on market development strategies and distribution with particular emphasis on products for the construction industry.

Piotr Poborski
Environmental expert
Piotr Poborski
Air, water and soil

Senior environmental consultant. Specialist in EIAs and environmental audits in the metal industry and other sectors.

  Roger Emmott
Roger Emmott
Management training

Management consultant experienced in iron and steel sector strategy appraisal, due diligence, market and feasibility studies.

Steven Preece
Rolling & roll shops
Steven Preece - steel expert
Hot rolling

Expert in operator training, rolling, roll shop work, roll applications and product quality.

  Yasar Deral
Turkish metal sector
Yasar Deral
Representative & Consultant

Representative, management & commercial agency support, feasibility studies, market research, management restructuring.

Andrzej M Kotas
Strategy & markets
Andrzej M Kotas
MCI team leader

Expert in modernisation and restructuring. Experience includes due diligence work and feasibility studies, as well as steel expert witness work.

Technical consultants listed above all have 20-30 years consultancy experience, or more. All are available for a broad range of steel industry consultancy services across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia or the Americas.

These services include steel expert witness work, commercial due diligence support and bankable feasibility study report preparation. MCI's consultants also undertake metal industry research and other commercial or techno-economic appraisals.

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