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Metals Consulting International Limited (MCI) offers clients independent, professional consulting services relating to the metals industries in Central & Eastern Europe.

The advisory or support services include:

  • MCI's core services: Assistance with due-diligence, privatisation, restructuring, modernisation, strategy formulation, business planning, performance turnaround and profit improvement
  • MCI additional services: Assistance with partner search, acquisition appraisal, forecasting, metals market studies, staff training, and executive search and selection.

To provide these services, MCI’s Consultants and Associates draw upon:

  • A long-standing history of working in the Central & East European metals sector
  • Hands-on experience in strategy, and in work on market, technical, environmental, and financial issues
  • A contact network that spans most of the metals industry in Central & Eastern Europe, including Poland, the Czech & Slovak Republics and Hungary in particular.

During the course of the last 15 years MCI’s consulting professionals have worked for a wide range of clients including national Governments, Government bodies, the European Commission, the World Bank, the EBRD, private sector banks, actual and potential metals company buyers and sellers, and metals companies themselves.

This work has centred on steel and metals businesses in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey and the former Yugoslavia. MCI's Consultants also have significant industry experience from assignments in Western Europe, North & South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific.


MCI Consultants' recent metals advisory experience includes professional involvement in the following assignments ...

  • Project description: Special steels market study 
    Objective: Polish special steel market understanding and elaboration of low risk market entry route 
    Client: Medium-sized steel processor 
    Country: Czech Republic 
    Assignment duration: 1 month 
    Outputs: Assessment of market size, segmentation, identification of key customers and customer locations. Description of target market, of preferred market entry approach, and review of profit opportunity

  • Project description: Facility restructuring 
    Objective: Preparation of permanent hot rolling mill closure plan for subsequent appraisal by European Commission 
    Client: Metals re-roller 
    Country: Czech Republic 
    Assignment duration: 2 months 
    Outputs: Formulation of permanent mill closure plan including timeframe, next steps and responsibilities. Appraisal of social, market and financial impacts of mill closure. Submission of finalised plan to European Commission authorities

  • Project description: Metals industry privatisation 
    Objective: Preparation of business plan for European Commission 
    Client: Major EAF steelmaker (heavy plate) 
    Country: Poland 
    Assignment duration: 3 months (completion January 2005) 
    Outputs: Elaboration of commercial strategy leading to medium-term business viability, and preparation of acceptable associated financial forecasts for the European Commission

  • Project description: Preparation for EU Membership 
    Objective: Preparation of National Steel Restructuring Programmes and Company Business Plans in compliance with Accession Protocols 
    Client: European Commission Country: Assignments undertaken in several EU Candidate States 
    Assignment duration: Each ~4-6 months 
    Outputs: Typically, plans assessing metals company strategy, market, technical, environmental and financial issues and showing medium-term return to business viability; proportionality of historic State Aid; and detailing potential capacity closures

  • Project description: Due diligence assessment, Erdemir steelworks 
    Objective: Preparation of market, technical and environmental pre-privatisation due diligence report including business valuation for Turkey’s leading flat product steelworks (Erdemir; also Isdemir) 
    Client: Private Turkish client 
    Country: Turkey 
    Assignment duration: ~2 months (completion October 2005) 
    Outputs: Full written report plus financial projections

  • Project description: Metals Business Performance Improvement
    Objective: Preparation of profit improvement plan (PIP) showing potential for superior medium-term financial performance 
    Client: Medium-sized downstream subsidiary of one of the world’s largest metals companies 
    Country: European Union 
    Assignment duration: 2 months 
    Outputs: Compilation of first in a series of quarterly ‘Profit Improvement Programme’ reports assessing potential profit uplifts associated with energy, utilities, yield, manpower, mix, purchasing, pricing, bad-debt reduction, general modernisation and other improvement initiatives; incorporation of aggregate uplifts into plan; definition of next steps and responsibilities for PIP achievement

  • Project description: Modernisation feasibility study 
    Objective: Market, technical, environmental and financial feasibility study for major up- and downstream modernisation of leading European steelmaker (covering melt shop modernisation, hot rolling, pickling plant and other downstream investment) 
    Client: Oesterreichische Kontrollbank (OEKB) / Citigroup 
    Country: Ukraine 
    Assignment duration: 3 month (completion September 2006) 
    Outputs: Detailed ~200 page English-language written report; detailed financial model (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow)

  • Project description: Service Centre Investment strategy 
    Objective: Review of steel distribution channels for flat / long / tube products by domestic and foreign owned service centres including stockholder / SSC sector industry structure, # of players, average size, location, specialisation, plus appraisal of investment / consolidation trends and definition of the investment opportunity 
    Client: West European client [merchant bar] 
    Country: Central Europe 
    Assignment duration: 1 month (completion September 2007) 
    Outputs: ~50 page English-language written report describing the steel market, the steel stockholder sector, profiles of key players, trends, customer lists; plus recommended entry strategy

  • Project description: Plate mill feasibility study
    Objective: Market study / justification, as part of a broader feasibility appraisal, concerning a heavy plate mill investment [for large diameter pipe production] in the CIS. 
    Client: West European client [a leading bank] 
    Country: Within former Soviet Union 
    Assignment duration: > 18 months 
    Outputs: Market appraisals concerning future plate and large diameter pipe consumption, including ‘bottom up’ assessments of steel demand arising from investment in major domestic and trans-national gas pipeline projects

  • Project description: Steel rolling mill feasibility study 
    Objective: Market, technical and financial due diligence of steel rolling mill investment for an established steel producer in Africa, wishing to integrate vertically. 
    Client: Leading international bank 
    Country: Nigeria 
    Assignment duration: 2 months (completion March 2007) 
    Outputs: ~60 page written report including spreadsheet financial model and PowerPoint slide show of main findings

  • Project description: Investment feasibility study [due diligence] 
    Objective: Preparation of feasibility study for investment and turnaround and pre due-diligence report on a European group involved in scrap collection and steel manufacturing 
    Client: Medium-sized private equity fund management firm 
    Country: Europe 
    Assignment duration: 1 month (completion April 2006) 
    Outputs: Slide presentation of the main technical observations to the steel company; followed by written report detailing the main strategic, market and technical issues to the client.

MCI is led by Dr Andrzej M Kotas, Managing Director. Andrzej, specialises in privatisation and restructuring of the metals industry in Central & Eastern Europe. His experience in this area was gained in the early 1990s working for Beddows & Company and later for Hatch Associates.


MCI has a network of metals industry professionals across Central & Eastern Europe who specialise in market, technical, environmental & financial steel sector appraisals, and who:

  • are in close touch with the industry, including key producers, academics, Government representatives and Trade Associations
  • monitor metals industry developments for MCI
  • represent MCI where necessary
  • assist with our consulting assignments, especially when a local presence is required.

MCI additionally works with a network of independent West European Consultants, typically experts from the major metals consultancies who now work as freelance advisers and join MCI for specific projects as necessary. This gives MCI the advantage of flexibility without the encumbrance of high fixed costs – key benefits that we pass on to our clients in the form of daily fee rates that are significantly less than the consulting norm.


Metals Consulting International Limited was founded in 2003. The business is incorporated under the 1985 Companies Act as a Limited Company registered in England and Wales and is privately owned. Metals Consulting International Limited is a member of the Institute of Consulting, where our steel consulting unit is accredited as a recognised practice.


To request copies of client testimonials, for further information and assistance, or for an initial no-obligation discussion please contact:

Andrzej M Kotas, Managing Director
Metals Consulting International Limited
The Coach House
Powell Road
Buckhurst Hill
Essex IG9 5RD
United Kingdom

Tel +44 (0) 775-149-0885
Skype: amkotas 

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