International steel sector management consulting firms.
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Professional Advisers

Leading International Management Consulting Companies

Top Consulting Advisers

Atkins [Technical, logistical, legal, financial, environmental support] 
Austroplan [Support for implementation of industrial projects] 
Borden Engineering Consulting & Trade Co Ltd [Market support, Turkey] 
Calphad [Thermo-Calc and DICTRA consulting] 
CRU Strategies [Independent metals & mining industry support] 
EWI [Contract manufacturing consultancy] 
First River [Steel and basic industry strategy consultants] 
James King [Economic support - aluminium and steel industries] 
MCI Consulting [Due diligence, feasibility studies, steel restructuring] 
MEPS [World steel market price analysts] 
Metals Consulting International [C & East European metals] 
RUHE-LFP Consultancy [Steel industry consulting and support in East Africa]
Steelmint [Steel research company, India]
Steel & Metals Market Research [Special steels market info] 
Steel Market Intelligence [Special steel sector advisory support]

Engineering Recruitment

G&T Associates [Specialist technical and engineering recruitment, UK]

Engineering Consultants

JNDC [Engineering design and analysis specialists, UK]

Project Management

Atkins [Leading engineering and design consultancy, UK]
Biprohut [Engineering services for industrial construction, Poland]
Davy Markham [Complex engineering components & assemblies]
Erenco [Steel industry engineering services, Turkey]
Fichtner [Engineering and consulting services - worldwide; Germany]
Hot Rolling Consultants [Project managed, fully engineered solutions]
McLellan [Leading consultancy in metals, industry, power, energy; UK]
ProMet [Metallurgical consultancy services to metals industry clients]
Worley Parsons [Engineering, procurement & construction management]

See also steel feasibility study or steel sector due diligence support.

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