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Steel Price Spreads.

Scrap Billet Rebar & Slab HRC CRC

scrap billet price spread 3 yrs
Scrap - billet price spread

scrap rebar price differential 3 yrs
Scrap - rebar price spread

billet rebar margin 3 yrs
Billet - rebar price spread

slab hrc cost difference 3 yrs
Slab - HRC price spread

hrc crc pricing spread 3 yrs
HRC - CRC price spread

hdg ocs cost differential 3 yrs
HDG - OCS price spread

The charts above [updated monthly] may be helpful to investors considering investment in billet mills, in rebar production or in flat product production as they provide some indication of historic pricing differentials (i.e. steelmaker margins) in the long and flat product value chains.

All steel price spreads are in US $ per metric tonne fob local port; based on average world export prices. Note that latest data points will generally change one month later, when they will be based on a more complete set of transaction data. Source of pricing information is Metals Consulting International Limited [MCI].

For further price spread history for long or flat products or to purchase MCI's data for steel pricing differentials going back ~15 years, please email us.

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