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Topical YouTube videos - world steel sector - 2022

Webinar: Decarbonising the Steel Sector
19 Oct 2022
This webinar video by BOC's Sales Manager for Hydrogen and Decarbonisation Applications, Wayne Bridger, gives an overview of the challenges faced by the #steel sector to meet netzero. Wayne discusses the range of #decarbonisation solutions available, including #hydrogen as a sustainable strategy for steel but also the use of existing technologies available today such as process optimisation and the use of oxygen.

Electrification of industry - Arcelor Mittal Belgium
11 Oct 2022
ArcelorMittal Belgium, who produce innovative steel products for a wide variety of applications, is due to see their electricity consumption triple over the next 4 years.

Tata Steel CEO discusses the merger of subsidiaries
04 Oct 2022
V. Narendran of Tata Steel explains why it "sees a lot of value" in the merger, mentioning governance benefits, synergies, revenue leakage issues and so on.

Turkish steel industry hit by Ukraine crisis, trade barriers
07 Jul 2022
Turkey is Europe's largest steel producer and the world's seventh-largest. The steel production capacity in Turkey has increased rapidly in recent years, with crude steel output hitting a record high of 40.4 million tonnes in 2021. But affected by the Ukraine crisis this year, the Turkish steel industry faces many challenges from rising costs and shrinking markets. Trade protectionist measures imposed by some Western countries led by the United States have also seriously affected Turkey's steel exports.

Aiming for the world's first Net Zero industrial cluster: the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan
05 Jun 2022
How do you take the UK's largest, most carbon-intensive industrial cluster and get it to Net Zero? That's the ambitious aim of the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan. Supported by UKRI's Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan will provide the region's projects and industry with a well-defined, optimal route to achieving a net zero industrial cluster by 2040. The Humber region emits more CO2 than any other UK industrial cluster – 50% more than the next largest – thus providing us with the largest opportunity. The project team is led by the HEY LEP and CATCH and includes 8 core industry partners: British Steel, SSE Thermal, National Grid Ventures, Drax, Phillips 66, Centrica, VPI Immingham and Equinor.

British steel industry leaders do not require coal from Cumbria
20 May 2022
The government is set to decide soon whether a new coal mine in Cumbria should go ahead. As politicians argue over the controversial proposal, very little has been heard from the industry that is supposed to benefit ...

Carbon capture: the hopes, challenges and controversies
06 Apr 2022
Once a fringe idea, carbon capture and storage has become a key part of decarbonisation plans the world over. Supporters argue that we need a way to remove CO2 already in the atmosphere to stay below 1.5C of global warming. But does this technology risk providing big polluters a license to carry on as normal? The FT weighs the pros and cons.

Trading in Evraz Steel halted in U.K. after Britain imposes sanctions on Russian oligarch
11 Mar 2022
A billionaire with close ties to the Kremlin has been sanctioned by the British government, resulting in trading in Evraz being suspended on the London Stock Exchange.

Premier Doug Ford makes an announcement at Hamilton’s ArcelorMittal Dofasco
15 Feb 2022
Premier Doug Ford makes an announcement about $500m of government investment in the switch to clean steel production at ArcelorMittal Dofasco.

Revival of century-old steel plant in Serbia
08 Jan 2022
A steel mill in Serbia has been reinvigorated with the help of a Chinese company. The unexpected bond with China has breathed fresh life to the Smederevo factory, not only in production, but also in environmental protection efforts.

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