News report - Thyssenkrupp Tata Steel merging Europe steel ops.
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Title: Thyssenkrupp Tata Steel merging Europe steel ops
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2018 00:00:00 GMT

Report: Germany's Thyssenkrupp and India's Tata Steel say they've signed a deal to merge European steel operations into a new firm. Under the agreement signed Saturday, each company will hold a 50 percent stake in the Netherlands-based joint venture called Thyssenkrupp Tata Steel B.V. The merger, if approved by regulatory agencies, will create Europe's second-largest steel company, after ArcelorMittal, which is headquartered in Luxembourg. It will employ about 48,000 workers in Germany, Britain and t...
Keywords: tata, steel, thyssenkrupp, europe, germany

Source: The Economic Times, Haryana, India.
Press release: see full report.

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