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CO2 emissions at ArcelorMittal Belgium to be drastically reduced. Here's how...
15 Dec 2021
ArcelorMittal Belgium has a passion for sustainability and circularity. The firm continues to invest and launch new projects to remain at the forefront of the energy and climate transition. This €1.1 billion project is a major milestone in the company's decarbonization process. A new DRI plant and two electric furnaces will lead to a sharp reduction in CO2 emissions, while the revamped blast furnace will help recycle end-of-life waste wood and plastic.

Steel Sector Investment in Nigeria
18 Nov 2021
A new iron ore and steel processing plant in Kaduna is set to provide a boost to the Nigerian jobs market and the country's energy supply.

The Financial Sector's Role in Decarbonizing Steel
09 Nov 2021
Steel emits around 8% of global emissions and financial institutions are proactively working to decarbonize the sector. Join leaders from the steel finance community as they discuss the steps towards creating a climate-aligned finance agreement for steel.

Seifsa: 'Our offer is better than Minimum Wage'
05 Oct 2021
Employees in the steel and engineering sector took to the streets today, downing tools over a wage dispute with employers. Employers are threatening to lock-out striking workers as they can't afford the 8% wage increase demands. A discussion with the CEO of the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa.

Decarbonization of ferrous metallurgy: a challenge for Ukraine
06 Aug 2021
The international forum 'Decarbonization of ferrous metallurgy: a challenge for Ukraine' was held on July 14, 2021 in Kiev. The GMK Center brought together industry leaders to discuss the prospects for decarbonization of metallurgy.

ArcelorMittal - Decarbonising our Spanish operations
13 Jul 2021
ArcelorMittal has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Spanish Government that will see a Euro 1 billion investment in decarbonisation technologies at ArcelorMittal Asturias plant in Gijón. The investments will reduce CO2 emissions at ArcelorMittal's Spanish operations by up to 4.8 million tonnes / year, which represents approximately 50% of emissions.

Announcing a new investment in Canada’s steel industry to create jobs and build a cleaner future
08 Jul 2021
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers remarks announcing new investment in Canada’s steel industry to create jobs and build a cleaner future.

Credit Suisse Ignored Internal Concerns About Gupta
28 May 2021
Credit Suisse Group AG executives ignored warnings from colleagues about troubled steel tycoon Sanjeev Gupta as they channeled USD $1.2 billion of client funds to his businesses, according to people familiar with the matter.

Decarbonising the UK steel industry: technology and policy options
21 Apr 2021
Of all industrial sectors, iron and steel has the highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 7% of energy sector CO2 emissions. However, to date, little progress has been made in decarbonising the industry. In this seminar, Dr Andrew Pimm presents his research into the various technology options available to radically decarbonise the steel industry, covering hydrogen, CCS, and biomass. He also presents policy options that could drive decarbonisation while strengthening UK competitiveness and provides insights into the arguments around the proposed new coal mine in Cumbria.

Legal action could dismantle Sanjeev Gupta's Australian coal and steel empire
07 Apr 2021
The British Billionaire who owns the Whyalla Steelworks - Sanjeev Gupta - is facing the prospect of having his Australian corporate empire broken up. A major bank has launched legal action in the NSW Supreme Court and is attempting to wind-up operations both there and in South Australia. It's the latest setback for Mr Gupta's global business after the collapse of one of its major lenders last month.

Who is Greensill Group, and why does its collapse affect the Whyalla steelworks?
09 Mar 2021
Lex Greensill and his Greensill Group has filed for insolvency. The collapse of his global supply chain finance company leaves the Whyalla steelworks and its suppliers caught firmly in the crossfire..

Steel Industry is ready for Infrastructure Investments, says Nucor CEO
04 Mar 2021
Nucor CEO Leon Topalian says the American steel industry can handle any increased demand rising from passage of an infrastructure bill in Congress.

The Green Deal and European Steel: The example of the German Steel Action Plan
24 Feb 2021
The European steel industry is facing serious challenges. As a result of reduced global demand, steel production in the EU has significantly dropped and the sector's workforce has continuously declined. The economic downturn of the Covid-19 pandemic is adding to these structural difficulties, making resolute action a necessity. At the same time, the steel industry counts as most advanced among energy-intensive industries in terms of its CO2 footprint. Not only it produces 100% recyclable materials for EU key industries such as automotive, construction, or medical devices, but it is already fully committed to cut its emissions by 30% until 2030, and is well headed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Therefore, an EU Green Deal on Steel, addressing both the sector's structural problems and its potential as a frontrunner on how hard-to-abate industries can lower their emissions, could serve as blueprint for the whole EU industrial sector.

Fortescue CEO sees strong demand for iron ore in China
18 Feb 2021
Growing crude steel production in China plus post-Covid recovery of markets outside of China point to continuing strong demand for iron ore, says Elizabeth Gaines, CEO of Fortescue.

New ArcelorMittal CEO plans $1 billion cost cuts
11 Feb 2021
ArcelorMittal, the world's biggest steelmaker, plans to cut 20% of its office staff in a $1 billion cost-cutting move - as finance chief Aditya Mittal takes the helm.

Kallanish: What will 2021 hold in store for the steel industry?
18 Jan 2021
2020 started, finished and will be remembered as an extraordinary year. Twelve months ago, no one could foresee the extent to which the Covid-19 virus would engulf the world in a pandemic affecting the daily lives of everyone on the planet.

Australia And China's Iron Embrace
17 Jan 2021
A review of the latest data on iron ore trade between Australia and China, and a discussion on how this trade is likely to develop during the coming months. Although the relationship between the two trading partners soured in recent months, iron ore remains a strategic commodity for both countries.

There is a cartel in the cement and steel industry: Nitin Gadkari
10 Jan 2021
Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Nitin Gadkari lashed out at the Cement and Steel industry saying they are exploiting the present situation in the real estate market. 'There is a cartel in the cement and steel industry. Every steel company has its own iron ore mines and there has been no increase in labour and power costs but they are increasing rates', he said. 'Cement factories are exploiting the situation. It's not in national interests. We are planning to implement infrastructure projects worth Rs 111 lakh crores in the next 5 years. If rates of steel and cement continue like this, it'll be very difficult for us' said Gadkari while interacting with Builders' Association of India.

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